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2023 Calendar "Trees and Transformation"


Be Inspired throughout the year by the vitality, strength and stability of trees as you grow, change and evolve through another transformative year!


Each month is represented by a species of tree and a symbol of transformation (indicated on each page below the calendar grid) Details within the imagery have been informed by my trance journey's with the intention to be supportive to us all as we navigate our way through the energy of each month. There is a lot of magic infused in this calendar!

Every page of the calendar is printed on sturdy 8.5"x11" card stock paper, hole punched and unbound so you can choose to hang it one, two, three or all twelve months at a time, however you enjoy planning your year.

2023 Calendar

  • 12 pages and backing, 8.5x11" cardstock, shrink wrapped for protection.

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