Each piece is 5x7 inches and are $200.

They are created with archival quality acrylic inks on coldpressed watercolour paper. Price includes the shamanic journey, the framed original work, a write up with more information about the journey and shipping.


Commissions can be for an individual, a couple or a family. The pieces are meant to be personal and intimate, something you can hold in your hand and sit with... They are useful as a meditation tool, you can let your imagination flow and journey into them yourself, they can act like an oracle, a centering device or simply allow them to activate inspiration.. They are great Altar pieces or placed somewhere you can see them everyday, like your bedside table.

To journey true we need a point of connection.. Upon request for a commission you will be sent an email with a few questions to answer. I will also need your photo (with eyes visible). Finally, we will need to schedule a time for the 15-30 minute journey to occur. All that is required of you during this time is to hold an open awareness that I am journeying into your field. I am committed to holding you in love and respect as I journey. 

I require payment before the scheduled journey. After which, you can expect to recieve the piece within about 2 weeks.


Thank you for becoming a patron! I'm so honoured to do this work for you!