Geneva Jacobs

Lives, creates and dreams on Pender Island, BC.

Geneva seeks to create magical visionary art that exposes our multi-dimensional existence. Through shamanic drum journeying she opens the flow of information., then comes trust, water and colour. Her art is a journey of surrender to divine imagination that leads to the space betwixt and between, the space where all possibility exists. She believes that art carries medicine, metaphors, frequencies and symbols that speak directly to our hearts soul essence. To honor this understanding she incorporates shamanic journeying, meditation and focused intention into each of her art pieces.


She is also dedicated to her training - and is apprenticing - in 'The Way of the Seabhean..'. Seabhean being an Irish word that translates as 'Yes Woman' or 'She who crosses the path between the worlds'. This ancient Irish womans shamanic tradition of Weavers, Dreamers and Soul Singers guides and informs her work and life.

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.She is currently welcoming commissions to deepen her practice and share her Soul Medicine Art.

Please contact her to do a personal piece just for you.